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Through the Vivarium, and the use of the live animals maintained at Manchester Museum, we are able to contribute to many areas of teaching within the University of Manchester. This includes supporting a wide range of animal-based sessions: from 3 year old visitors of the museum to undergraduate and post graduates of the university. We support those with disabilities and our learning and engagement activities extend to areas of Latin America, home to many of the animals maintained in the Vivarium.

Learning continues


Nature Explorers

Manchester Royal


Key Stage 1:

Habitat Explorers

Key Stage 2:

Rainforest Investigators


Learning with Lucy:

Key Stage 3/4:

Colour of Nature

POST 16:

Frogs & Physics



Panama (Secondary) 

Costa Rica (Primary)


Organically Caribbean (2017)

6 Responses

  1. Hello Andrew and Neil – I am probably in “the wrong room” but I had to write to say what a wonderful afternoon I had at the Museum on March 16th. I was attending as part of the Valuing Old People – Cultural Champions group, and your session was really exciting. To reach the grand old age of “almost 80” – and to finally get to hold a lizard and stroke a snake a was wonderful. I shall be passing on my experience. Thank you both for your efforts, and its so good that the Museum are catering for “the other end” of the age scale. Hope you get this – eventually !!.
    Many thanks Doreen Robinson Cultural Champions

  2. Hi Doreen,
    Great to hear from you and I am so pleased you enjoyed the animal session last Friday. Many thanks for getting in touch to let us know, it’s much appreciated. It was pleasure to meet you and everyone involved. Best wishes, Andrew

  3. Hi Andrew & Adam,
    Thanks again for the talks last week, both staff and students had a great time on each trip. The talks were very informative, even picked up a few tips!
    Best wishes
    The Manchester College, Animal Care

  4. I Liked the Tadpoles

  5. Hi there my Year 2 students are doing the topic Australia at the start of next year and are eager to learn about the animals (snakes, lizards etc) and about habitats and adaptation. My colleagues and I are looking into a education trip or visit to enhance their learning. Do you cater for this? Laura Campbell

    • Hi Laura, Great to hear from you! Yes, we can certainly do a special session for your class here at the Museum on Australian animal adaptations. We have some great sessions on habitats and adaptations as well as many live animals we use in our teaching, which can include species from Australasia. I have worked out there and can speak from my personal experience in Australia, which will bring the subject alive for the students. Please contact our booking Co-ordinator, specify your needs and that you have already contacted me, find out more details and make a special booking: http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/medialibrary/documents/learning/booking_your_visit.pdf

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