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Deadly 60

Today we were pleased to welcome the CBBC Crew from Deadly 60 to film in the Vivarium. You may need to turn up the sound, but here is short clip of the presenter, Steve Backshall, with our Chameleon. This beautiful male Panther Chameleon specimen was kindly provided to us by Jamie and Laura at Chameloco.  Also, although she doesn’t work in the Vivarium, I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the amount of work Rebecca Machin from our Zoology department put into preparing specimens and information for the visit.

More clips featuring Chameleon’s here

Rare frog rediscovered!

At the moment we are also rearing some recently metamorphosed froglets of another Costa Rican frog Isthmohyla lancastri. These small tree frogs live around and breed in fast flowing streams in the rainforest. Their call is really cool, like a little chirping bird. The specimens we have call in the back area all day long……

In the future we are hoping we can put these beautiful little frogs on display  and further highlight the important amphibian conservation work being carried out and in September, Andrew will be travelling back to Costa Rica to try and find their rarest relative Isthmohyla rivularis, which he rediscovered at Monteverde last year:


Welcome to Frog Blog

Thank you for joining us for our first Frog Blog!

On Wednesday 23rd July both of us met with Richard Gibson and Douglas Sherriff from Chester Zoo regarding the development of a conservation project involving Green-eyed frogs Lithobates vibicaria. Last year, Andrew  acquired some specimens of this Costa Rican species from what is thought to be the last known breeding site in the world for the species. The pond is at Monteverde, and Andrew was given special permission from the authorities to collect a few tadpole specimens to start an Ex-situ breeding programme as one of the ways of helping conserve this critically endangered species. Andrew has proposed a conservation project that mainly involves supporting the wild frogs in Costa Rica. All the specimens Andrew collected are now going to Chester Zoo, who have welcomed the opportunity to  support the conservation of this criticaly endangered species.