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This project has brought together international institutions and experts to help conserve the Variable Harlequin Toad, Atelopus varius. Importantly, this project provides a welcomed opportunity for collaboration between the University of Manchester, The University of Panama and The Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity (PWCC) to facilitate joint international conservation work. The project aims to support the conservation of the species whilst fully involving and supporting the local community living within the Santa Fe National Park. To this end, the project, which involves establishing an ex-situ back up population in Manchester, has also developed important in-situ related programmes. This currently involves delivering amphibian conservation focused environmental education workshops in local community schools in Santa Fe, developing an annual local Harlequin Toad Festival, and fully involving members of the local community in conservation research, monitoring the wild A. varius in Santa Fe.


Blog Post from Panama (2020)

Conservation of the Panamanian Harlequin Toad project update (2020)

Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity (PWCC)