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Frog Friday presentations 1- 3

Frog Friday 3: Colour

Frog Friday 2: Herpetological Myths and Legends – Segment 1

Frog Friday 2: Herpetological Myths and Legends – Segment 2

On Friday 1st May I followed in my colleagues footsteps for the LIVE Frog Friday stream on Twitter through Periscope. This is our weekly segment exploring behind the scenes collection at the Vivarium during lockdown. I delved into some myths and legends that haunt the reputations of three of our specimens, including a Bantu legend involving chameleons like our male panther chameleon.

Do you have any myths or legends you would like to add to the conversation from your part of the world? Share your stories in the comments below, or any artistic representations or questions from any of our Frog Friday Segments.

If you’d like to catch the myths and legends segment you can follow the link to the Museum Twitter page here (you are not required to log in to a twitter account to watch the video): https://twitter.com/McrMuseum/status/1256193007465816067?s=20

Frog Friday 1: Introduction