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Habistat Humidifier

If you are looking for a great fogger for your vivarium the you can’t get better than the Habitat humidifier I use on my tanks – a Habistat. This is simple to use and very effective – it does exactly what you need it to do. It has a really good built in timer that can be set to come on from anything from every 5 minutes to every 4 hours so no extra timer is required. You can then set the duration of each fogging, and its really easy to set up. Also, whereas you have to take of the water holder on most other foggers off to refill, you can actually still fill this fogger through the top if necessary. The consistent and high level of fog produced is also excellent. The hose needs attaching a little more securely with a simple cable tie when setting up but apart from that is all good to go – a really great and highly recommended product, ideal for dart frog vivs!

I recommend you buy your new Habistat Humidifier from Monkfield