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Make a difference..

I believe we can all make a difference. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something on a grand scale – all the small things add up – you just have to care enough to want to make that difference…

Here’s a few things you can do for a start:

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Look into conservation issues and gain a good understanding about what is really happening – get your own grasp on things and make up your own mind about what really matters.

Know for yourself: Know how you can personally lessen your impact on the planet: Spend a minute or two first to check out the things you buy – do you really approve of the product and how it was made? Through buying it you are giving it your stamp of approval. Don’t under estimate the power of consumer choice – it sends a much stronger message home than you might think!

Also, when you buy something, it means resources are used to manufacture and deliver it. So, if you can think about re-using things more and producing less waste – maybe buy more things that are secondhand? If things can’t be re-used then make sure they do get  get recycled. If it’s food your buying, and from the supermarket, then go for the stuff with minimal packaging and preferably locally-produced. It won’t have required as much fuel to transport it and local produce tastes much better too – because its not taken ages from being picked to making it to your table like the rest!

Save energy – and money!:

At Home: Things you can do include turning off lights not in use, and unplugging those electrical appliances on standby. Turn the thermometer down a few degrees – Its  doubtful you will notice much difference – till you get your bill and see the saving!

The Car: Down size when you buy – the most fuel efficient cars are becoming the coolest for those in the know, (unless you’re one of those people where the trip your after is an ego one!). Perhaps there is someone who lives your way that you can share the trip to work with? The offer’s cool and it could be a new friend you just never met!

Think before you print:  Use both sides of printer paper (even for notes), and don’t print more than is necessary or just for proof reading.

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Get Involved:

Actually join the groups you find out about  – and contribute some time to supporting their conservation efforts! Get others, especially kids, involved. Help them to spend more time outside and into the countryside – show them some real nature, whether it’s in the garden, in the park, or whatever – the plants, the trees, the birds, the insects, the squirrel in the tree, the frog in the pond 🙂

Lead by example and help inspire young ones to see and appreciate the natural world around them. I think it’s the most precious gift you can possibly give a child, its real, and it may lead them to realise what its all about as they grow, and to become someone who will be prepared to stand up for nature in the future. Maybe someone thought the same when they encouraged your interest in nature when you were small..

Well, NOW is your time – what are YOU going to do?

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