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Article in ‘The Times’

Just a short note for the people who read my recent post ‘The past, now, Saturday..‘, regarding the article in ‘The Times’. Sorry for any confusion, but the piece mentioned will be in this Saturday’s ‘Times Magazine’ (Saturday 5th December).


For anyone who missed it, Steve Devine’s posted the page on Twitter: http://twitpic.com/snlpt

P.s. It is very flattering of The Times to make the reference to Darwin, but its clearly time I lost the new beard! 🙂 

The past, now, Saturday..

Today I am spending the day in the Costa Rican capital, San Jose. I have been to Costa Rica many times in the past and every time I visit it feels like home from home. The Costa Rican rainforest has its own special magic for me, but as I stroll the streets today, I absorb the atmosphere and, as always, try and focus on living in the moment, appreciating every sight, smell, sound..  I also fully appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to travel and to do the job I always dream’t of, even as a boy (pictured above aged 7 with my bucket of tadpoles)

If perhaps you are interested in finding out a little more about how I got to where I am today, there is to be a piece relating to this in ‘The Times’. It will feature as part of a larger article in “The Times Magazine” called “The New Victorians”

Soon I will be travelling back to England and this Saturday I will be at the Manchester Museum to support ‘Evolution Revolution’, a special family day event that forms part of the  Museum’s superb ‘Darwin Extravaganza’. Throughout the day I will be showing a wide variety of different reptile and amphibian specimens from our live collection and expaining the wonders of their evolution. If you can come along it would be very good to meet you.


Vivarium assistants

For the next couple of weeks I will be in Costa Rica, where I’ll be spending some time in the central highlands and also down on the Caribbean coast. Here I plan to visit a range of different animal conservation centres which I hope to report back to you about via the blog. So, while I am out there, if there is anything of particular interest just let me know and I’ll try and make a short clip about it and post it on the ‘Live’ section especially.

While I am away it’s really important that I leave the animals in the Museum in safe hands. I have to say that in that respect I am really lucky at the moment as I have two excellent assistants who both really know their stuff and who I can fully rely on to properly care for the animals whilst I’m away; Matt Wilson and Adam Bland. Matt is currently part-time and Adam has been working with the animals here more or less full-time since Darren moved to Vancouver. Both are really knowledgeable about their subject and Adam in particular has a massive amount of experience keeping both amphibians and reptiles in captivity. One of his passions is keeping geckos. Here Adam introduces himself and shows a Caledonian crested gecko: