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Special sessions

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We find the opportunity to support people with learning difficulties or other impairments particularly rewarding and enjoy conducting special sessions for small groups on a regular basis. During the sessions we use a variety of live animals from our Vivarium collection and try to tailor the delivery to suit each person’s individual needs. These are offered free of charge, so if you are a special needs school or specialist centre for older people and would like to arrange a session please contact our Museum school booking advisor on 0161 2752630.









5 Responses

  1. Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for the fantastic session we had with you today (July 7th). Our group of 7 year 1 children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders had a session that was perfectly tailored to their needs- so calm, and so beautifully paced. Their needs and ability levels are all very varied, but all gained a great deal, from our most verbal children who had their questions listened to and REALLY answered , to the most sensory children, whose pleasure at getting close up and personal with the animals was plain to see, and also very calming for them. Seeing the pleasure in all their faces means a great deal to myself and all my colleagues, and gives us a great deal to build on. Again, many thanks, and good luck in all you do.
    Best Wishes, Jackie Tarpey

    • Dear Jackie, thanks very much for the comments – I am so pleased to hear the session was so beneficial. It was such a pleasure to meet you all and conduct the session – it really made my week! )) Hope to see you all again soon! Andrew. p.s. Please let me know when its a good time for the little boy who loved the chameleon to come in and help feed it! 🙂

  2. Hi I’m Wendy Gallagher.
    We have been working in partnership with Manchester Schools Hospital Service for the past two years. Just recently we took a group of children, their teachers, nurses and support workers from Galaxy House, the child and adolescent residential psychiatric unit at Manchester Children’s Hospital to visit the museum. The artists who work with the children on projects came along too. Our visit focused on the vivarium, with its live reptiles and amphibians. Andrew Gray, Curator of Herpetology delivered a fascinating session, introducing us all to these wonderful creatures and telling us about their habitats and how they adapt to their environments. We were captivated, and what an amazing opportunity he offered us. We were able to handle lizards, snakes and frogs and ask lots of questions. Having worked with these children for sometime now, and aware of many of the difficulties they experience and challenges they face – it was wonderful to see them totally engaged with this session. Their confidence in handling the animals was quite amazing, they were full of questions and listened intently to Andrew as he explained things to us. Away from the hospital environment and medical interventions they were able, if only for a short while, put their illness to one side.The medical staff commented on how this experience allowed them to see the children in a totally different light; seeing them beyond their illness.The teaching staff said how inspiring the session had been and how they would develop this work within their teaching and learning practice. The artists used the session to deliver creative workshops with the children. The artwork produced will be displayed in Galaxy House to enhance their somewhat sterile living environment. I look forward to posting some photographs of their work when it is finished. For me…. Well, I feel very lucky to have access to such fascinating, rich resources enabling us to deliver an innovative and outstanding arts for health programme. And I still can’t believe that I touched a snake, in fact I couldn’t wait to handle it and actually enjoyed it too…….

    Click here to read Wendy’s comments with photos

  3. Hello, I would like to thank Andrew and Matt for the wonderful visit we recently had. I work at Gorsey Bank primary school in Wilmslow and we recently had the opportunity to bring 2 children with downs syndrome for a visit to the vivarium. Andrew and Matt were fantastic, fascinating and very patient. It was so beneficial for the children to get up close and sensory with the animals. I have sent some pictures of our visit to share on the site:https://frogblogmanchester.wordpress.com/about/special-needs-sessions/gorsey-bank-visit/

    Thanks so much again and we hope your work with schools and special needs in particular continues as it provides an invaluable out-of-the-classroom experience.

    All the best Suzi Grantham and Sarah Dalton

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