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Bumblebee Dart Frog

Bumblebee Poison-dart Frog, Dendrobates leucomelas

bumblebee_dart_frogDescription: This poison dart frog gets its name from the striking black and yellow coloration of its skin, which it uses to warn predators that it is poisonous if eaten. The frogs reach a size of 38mm in length. They are active during the day, spending time foraging for small insects to eat. Males also call during the day to defend their territory and attract females. The differing colour and patterning of the frogs in this species depends on the area they occur in the wild.

Reproduction: Females lay between 2 and 12 eggs in leaf litter on the ground. The eggs are then guarded and protected by the male that has fertilised them. When the tadpoles hatch the male carries them on his back and deposits them within small pools of water to continue their development. The tadpoles will feed on almost anything within these pools and emerge as little miniatures of the parents, already showing the bright colouration straight from metamorphosis.

Diet: Small invertebrates.

Distribution: South America; East Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Northern Brazil.

Conservation Status: Least concern.

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