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News Links

Here you will find links to recent news stories published by others which relate not just to frogs but to potential environmental, cultural, and social injustices. These are provided by Andrew Gray without judgement or prejudice, in order to highlight content which is not often shared in mainstream media.  The views contained within the articles do not necessarily reflect those of Manchester Museum.


Fascists and Covid deniers in Vienna 


Just days into 20121..

A Black man dies after being in police custody


Black Lives Matter



Bosnia steals £81 Million from EU and from

Migrants on deaths door

Freezing cold sets in (14 January 2021)


Stop the UK..  Killing Bees

After the bees

Pesticide Action Network UK



David Attenborough on the reason for new pandemics 


Coronavirus spreads to Wildlife




COVID and Great Apes at risk


Thank you DEFRA



The Oxford Student: Should we boycott zoos


Time to Boycott zoos?




Sir David Attenborough message to world leaders


Disappearing like tears in rain



Children used in Peru oil spill clean up


Disgraceful disaster




Pesticide Action Network


The Dirty Dozen