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Leaf frog video clips (Click to view full screen)


The breeding set up at Manchester for Cruziohyla calcarifer shown in response to questions from Paul and Raf:

The advertisement call of Cruziohyla calcarifer:

A clip of how we maintain Cruziohyla calcarifer in captivity in response to the question by Erik in the Netherlands:

Cruziohyla tadpoles:


Manchester Museum – Hylomantis lemur for Erik:

Wild Female Lemur Leaf Frog at the CRARC:

Bristol Zoo, England  – Jenny shows the new Amphipod, a bio-secure unit for breeding Lemur frogs and Golden Mantellas:


Red-eyed and Black-eyed Leaf Frogs filmed especially for Ben and Katy:

Discovering Red-eyed leaf frogs have laid eggs:

Female Lemur Leaf Frog:

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