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Costa Rica

As you may know from following my blog, I have a great affinity towards Costa Rica and the animals that live there. Much of my work over the years has focused on this area of the world. This page is dedicated to showing some of the species, places, and people in this fabulous country. Below you can find information, related links to posts on Costa Rica, and video footage I have taken during some of my visits that is on Youtube (Please feel free to copy these clips, but please acknowledge where they originated – (C) Andrew Gray (Manchester Museum).


Homeward Bound (2010)


Dart Frogs of The Pacific

Pacific Road Trip

Unstable States, Unstable environments

The Dirty Dozen

Golden moments

Jewels of the Caribbean

Where Eagles Dare!

Above Cloud 9

The Adventure Begins!

Calling frogs and Agalychnis spurrelli eggs

Cruziohyla sylviae tadpoles

Green poison-dart frog, Dendrobates auratus

Dendrobates (Oophaga) pumilio from the Sequires – Limon region

Dendrobates (Oophaga) pumilio from the southern Caribbean Coast

Brilliant Forest Frog

Female Lemur Leaf Frog



Blunt-headed vine snake

Bullet Ants 

American Crocs

Black Vultures

Baby Octopus

Where chocolate comes from 


Leaf Frogs of the CRARC

Glass Frogs of the CRARC

New Costa Rican Tree Frog Described

The Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre

Brian Kubicki shows his carnivorous plants.

Brian Kubicki shows green form of Oophaga granulifera.

Brian Kubicki shows the wonderful rainforest reserve of the CRARC

Facilities at the CRARC, including the guest house.

Brian introduces the main lab area.

Brian shows a range of different glass frogs being maintained in captivity.

Brian explains what an ideal vivarium set up should be like for keeping and breeding glass frogs

Brian explains how he raises glass frog tadpoles in the lab

Brian shows Phyllobates vittatus in the lab


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