POSTS FROM CORFU BELOW (all include Video):

The Emerald Island

Whips excite me ..))

Herman’s Tortoises

Rescue brings memories of my first!

Legless in Corfu! (pt 2) 

Rolling Stones in Corfu 🙂

The long and short of it

Roll of the Dice!

Corfu’s Rarest!

The Journey is the Prize!


Legless in Corfu!


Para-Dice Snakes!

Homeward Bound!


4 Responses

  1. Just had a quick view of this blog and some of the snake videos that accompany them. Even though I don’t go until the end of July and I’m sure my girlfriend won’t be ecstatic, but I can’t wait to go herping there! Cheers, Adam.

    • Hi Adam, pleased you enjoyed the videos and the blog. am sure you will enjoy Corfu, its wonderful. Any idea what the video is of on the main page?

  2. Love your blog. Spending a few days near Lake korrison end of September could do with some tips. Is the area good for herping?
    Many thanks Neil Inkley

    • Hi Neil, Thanks for your message. I am sure you will have a great time in Corfu at that time of year, just as things start to cool down. Lake Korission is a great place to find many helps, one of the best places on the island. Other good places include the Ropa Valley and up around the base of Mount Pantoktrator. Hope you have a great visit. Check out my friend Matt Wilson’s page on Reptiles of Corfu – he has been more times than me and covered almost all the island, including Lake Korission:

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