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Fiji Banded Iguana

Fijian Banded Iguana, Brachylophus fasciatus

fijian_iguanaDescription: This is possibly one of the most beautiful lizards in the world; males are banded with blue and green whereas females lack any bands and are bright green with a head shaded with light blue. These lizards reach an adult size of up to 60cms including the tail and are completely arboreal. To suit this lifestyle, the iguanas possess long toes with needle sharp claws which are used to grip onto the bark of a tree. Males are highly territorial and will fight ferociously over territories, often causing severe injuries to one another. Within a given territory each male will have a single female with which he will mate with each year.

Reproduction: Females lay between 4 – 6 eggs that are soft bodied and round in shape. Eggs are deposited in holes buried on the forest floor, which is one of the few times the lizards will leave the trees in which they live. After laying the eggs, the female covers them with soil and uses her chin to pat down and flatten the area where she has laid them. When she is finished burying her eggs it is almost impossible to tell where she has hidden them. The eggs have a long incubation period and hatch anytime between 120 and 170 days. As soon as the young hatch they are independent. They are also sexually dimorphic, with males differing from young females by already possessing their bands.

Diet: Fruit, vegetables and leaves and also small invertebrates.

Distribution: The Islands of Fiji and Tonga.

Conservation Status: Endangered


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