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Chameleons are one the most amazing and beautifully coloured reptiles on Earth and have adaptations and behaviors that set them apart from all other lizards. The female Panther Chameleon specimen featured above has been filmed whilst on display in The Manchester Museum. In captivity, these wonderful lizards require very special care, and the large naturalistic exhibit at the Museum caters for all it’s specific needs. Anyone considering keeping them in captivity should be prepared to give much time and dedication to their husbandry.

The Museum is supported by and is pleased to endorse the work of local Chameleon specialists Jamie Hardy and Laura King. I would highly recommend anyone considering keeping a chameleon to visit their website, which contains excellent advice and information on how to keep chameleons properly: Chameleoco 

Jamie and Laura have given specialist talks at the museum on chameleons and attended our educational presentations with some of their animals. They also provide us with specimens for our displays and education activities and we are extremely grateful for all their support.

New Panther chameleon and related displays:

Adam and I visit Laura and Jamie’s home to collect a male Panther Chameleon for the Museum (Featured above). It was such a pleasure to see the way they are maintaining their animals. When we got there we couldn’t believe just how wonderful their set ups are – they had even converted one of their rooms especially for breeding Panthers from the many different localities.

Laura shows the Panther Chameleon room:

Laura shows the eggs and young Panther Chameleons:

Laura shows rescued Mellers Chameleon:

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