IMG_8114It gives me great pleasure to have this page on the Frogblog, as I have the utmost respect for Brian Kubicki, and his conservation work in Costa Rica. Brian is a true embassador for modern day amphibian conservation and a world expert in his field. Here are a few snippets extracted from the blog, including posts and some footage I have taken whilst working Brian:

The Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre

Glass Frogs of the CRARC

The Costa Rica Amphibian Research Centre (CRARC), Costa Rica (9.30am) – Brian Kubicki shows the wonderful rainforest reserve of the CRARC

Brian introduces the main lab area at night just after I arrive.

Brian shows a range of different glass frogs being maintained in captivity.

Brian explains what an ideal vivarium set up should be like for keeping and breeding glass frogs

Brian explains how he raises glass frog tadpoles in the lab

Brian shows Phyllobates vitatus in the CRARC lab. Apparently this poison frog has a  distribution limited only to the Golfo Dulce region of southwestern Costa Rica.

Brian shows green form of Oophaga granulifera.

Brian shows specimens from his carnivorous plant collection:

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