Biography: Andrew Gray

andrew_gray-2Andrew is a professional zoologist and teacher at the University of Manchester, where he is the Curator of Herpetology at Manchester Museum. He joined the University of Manchester in 1996, and has since developed The Vivarium, a department dedicated to maintaining live reptiles and amphibians in optimum conditions to support conservation, public engagement, teaching, and non-invasive research. Andrew is passionate about making a difference to the world we live in and advocating the responsibility we all have to our planet.



He is actively involved in animal conservation, travelling the world in search of some of the rarest amphibians on the planet, and has established and manages comprehensive conservation programmes for critically endangered species from Costa Rica. He also develops and delivers meaningful environmental education for young people and actively supports the teaching of undergraduate and PhD students internationally.

Andrew’s research interest, for which he has an international reputation, focuses on investigating the breeding biology of neotropical frogs. His experience working with the media has included presenting his subject on television and also acting as a main scientific field advisor for several wildlife documentaries for the BBC, more recently working directly with Sir David Attenborough.

Andrew R. Gray.

Curator of Herpetology,

The Manchester Museum,

The University of Manchester.

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