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This is the Manchester Museum blog related to the work in the Vivarium.

19 Responses

  1. We have made many trips to the museum over the years and the highlight for our family is always the frogs.We feel very proud that a northwest museum is raising such environmental awareness:You are true ambassadors, please keep up the good work! Hope to be visiting again soon .
    Cheers the Dean family

  2. About the Vivarium

    I will be four in 2009, just before Maharaja the elephant comes back from being cleaned.

    I am a keen and frequent visitor to Manchester Museum but my favourite place is the Vivarium. I was able this week to see up close some of the lovely frogs, lizards and snakes that are in the collection and learned that some of them are shedding their skins just now.

    I like to see the live creatures because they are always moving about and I have to look hard to find them, except the green python which seems always to be asleep on his branch.

    Please keep this live exhibit going and if possible expand it!

    Maybe some day I will be able to go to the Rain Forest and catch some frogs to bring back like Andrew.

    Best wishes

    Harry ( with some help from his Grandpa)

  3. Hi Andrew

    Thought you may like this post on the BBC Gardener’s World Blog

    It gives advice on how to help our local frogs survive the winter in our garden ponds.


    • Hi Suzanne, Thanks so much for the great link! I will post it up for all to see. Been so busy lately and just finished filming with National Geographic – yesterday I was in Madagascar (courtesy of blue screen 🙂 See you soon x

  4. Hi Andrew i would just like to thank you for introducing me to the beautiful Fat Tail Gecko today i have alway been interested in reptiles snakes lizards ect…. And was absolutly thrilled to hold and learn more about the gecko. I have also been reading up on the wonderfull work you and your team do and and wish u well in continuing this. This was my 1st visit to the museum and although i found every part of it interesting a have to say the viverium was my favorote part! I will ofcourse be intouch in regards to having my own gecko! Thanks again charlotte

    • Hi Charlotte, you are very welcome! Great to meet you too. Look forward to seeing you again soon when you are set up for the gecko. Best wishes, Andrew

  5. Hi Andrew
    I would just like to say a massive thank you for your session you ran on the 8th June on behalf of all the pupils from The Swinton High School, we had a fantastic time and learnt loads.
    We are running a summer school for all primary and secondary pupils in August and i have chosen the theme evolution so was wondering if you had and information or videos on the animals that you showed us when we came in that i could show as it definately brought the topic to life and kept everyone really engaged and interested?
    Thanks again R. Pashley and all the pupils from The Swinton High School

  6. […] The other FFFF day we went along to Frogs and Toads at Manchester Museum.  I was slightly nervous about this one as it was a Dutch film with subtitles but the FFFF team had thought of everything and had someone reading the subtitles through the film for the younger audience.  The film was brilliant and the kids really enjoyed it.  After a short break we had Manchester Museums resident Herpetologist Andrew Gray who had the kids enthralled with his knowledge of Frogs and Toads.  He had brought in some of the museums Frogs and Toads for the children and parents to see as well a few snakes and lizards.  It was fascinating stuff apart from the bit where one of the frogs jumped out of his hand and everyone jumped out of their skin (well maybe only me!).   Andrew has a great blog about the Frogs and Toads so be sure to check it out! https://frogblogmanchester.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  7. Hi Andrew
    I came to the museum yesterday with my son Jack and his friend Owen (both 9), and members of The Northwest Reptile Club.
    I wanted to thank you and your colleague for a fascinating talk about the work you do-it’s great to see people so thoroughly committed to and excited by their subject.
    I also wanted to thank you personally for the way in which you made both the subject and the animals themselves so accessible for the boys. They had a fantastic time and will never forget this. Its great to see them so stimulated and I hope they will go on to develop a life-long interest in, and a love of, reptiles.
    To my slight surprise I also had an excellent time!Reptiles are a thrilling new discovery for me.
    Hope to see you again sometime
    Very best wishes and thanks

    Ian Dillon (Jack and Owen say hi!)

  8. I visited the Manchester Musem today with students from Piper Hill High School for a sensory workshop with Andrew as part of The Chinese Art Centre’s Start Education Programme. I Just wanted to say thank you so much! It was fantastic, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was an amazing learning experience for all involved!

  9. Hello Andrew, thank you so much for the tour that you gave for Martin and myself today, and for letting me hold that gorgeous red-eyed tree frog! It was a delight to see it unfold like a flower from its resting state. I have many resin frog models made by a talented sculptor who also loves frogs. When you said your assistant was away and you would have to clean the vivarium tanks yourself I would quite happily have stayed to help! How wonderful too that Sir David Attenborough has seen your work – I wish I had known he was so close to where I work – both Martin and I are avid fans of his.

    I was fascinated to hear about the research into health treatments that may be possible because of these amazing creatures. It’s such a shame that Man in general doesn’t realise the damage being caused to their important habitats.

    Keep up the good work and I really hope that the extinct golden toad makes an appearance for you – I am sure there will be some somewhere. I will try and make time for some stress relief and visit during lunch breaks.

    Thank you again

  10. I love your museum it is amazing,
    I had a great time at your museum
    By Jose – Mae and Keira

  11. Just wanted to say thank you to Adam for the fantastic tour me and my husband had at the vivarium today. It was so interesting, we absolutely loved it. A great way to spend my birthday! Listening to Adam talk about all the the conservation work and research that is done at the vivarium was amazing. Thanks again. We cannot wait to come back.
    Aimee and Andrew Moss

  12. Thank you very much for giving me a tour of the Vivarium with my mum. I loved holding a Red-eyed Tree Frog and meeting the Lemur Leaf Frogs. Sponsoring a frog was my best birthday present ever. I hope I can come again one day. Good luck getting the monkey frogs to make tadpoles! From Anna🐸

  13. Absolutely loved the talk from Andrew Gray on his current and past projects, the amphibians at the museum and the conservation work done and needed for amphibians. I had this lecture/talk as part of my MSc degree and he was outstanding. The class as a whole put some rather thought-provoking questions to him, and with his expert knowledge on the subject it has encouraged me to look into the herpetology field in more detail. He has the talent of keeping a room silent, but thoroughly listening without much effort and his journey to where he is now is thoroughly motivating for someone like me who’s just starting out their career. I enjoyed my visit to the museum, the vivarium and most of all the outstanding lecture, and I came out of the whole experience knowing a lot more about the subject, but also having a lot more questions! I cannot wait to re-visit the museum at the weekend!! If you want your goals you can achieve them. Thank You Andrew.

  14. Attended an absolutely wonderful lecture as part of my MSc programme from Andrew Gray yesterday on all things herpetological, followed by a meet and greet with some particularly lovely frogs and a walk around the museum’s amazing vivarium. I didn’t know much about the subject to begin with, but after the talk I can’t help but go away and do more of my own research. Andrew is so passionate about these creatures, it’s infectious! Plus he has some truly amazing stories. A fantastic experience – I can’t wait to visit again! Thanks so much!

  15. Hello Andrew!
    This is Mauricio, I attended your talk last Thursday at the vivarium and it was very educational. When I heard the tropical Oophagas species advertising their call It brought back flash memories of my surrounding home town in Panama mainly from Bocas del Toro. The sounds made me very happy. Thank you for such a great talk and the experience behind the scene was awesome too. I’m just wondering if there is a way that I could volunteer at the vivarium? once again thank you for great talk.

    • Hi Maurico, great to hear from you and was a pleasure to meet you the other day. Many thanks for coming vivarium for the tour and so pleased you enjoyed it. It is wonderful to hear that you are so familiar with the frogs you experienced in our collection and will contact you separately about the volunteer opportunity. All best wishes, Andrew

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