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Call of the Wild

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How can listening to the sounds of nature be a way of sharing and developing our understanding of biodiversity and conservation?

A partnership between Cucusonic https://cucusonic.net/cucusonic a collective of Colombian biological scientists, anthropologists and musicians, the University of Manchester’s Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and the charity In Place of War is aiming to do just that. The project and network was formed to record a bank of natural and bioacoustic sound recordings from the Neotropical forests of Colombia which were then shared with a team of internationally renowned electronic music producers who were invited to create incredible new music. A resulting new album has been produced and is being released any day now on 31st October from The Vinyl Factory https://thevinylfactory.com

The album features artists, including Bræv, Brian Eno, Coldcut, Fer Isella, Fingathing, Iggor Cavalera, Kate Simko, Laima Leyton, Martyn Ware, Matthew Dear, Mexican Institute of Sound and Osunlade

Call of the Wild: A collaborative project for understanding Biodiversity in Colombia through recording natural sounds and making music.

As part of the upcoming University of Manchester’s Festival of Climate Action – arts/environment event, we will discuss the idea behind the work, that the sounds of habitats and species such as birds, bats and frogs can be heard in different ways: as a measure of biodiversity, as a feature of the cultural imagination of local communities, as a creative resource for musicians to compose with and as a means of connecting to the conservation work of museums.

Join us live in conversation, and live from the Vivarium, to hear more on the project next Thursday (14 October) in the Virtual Climate Gallery (6-7pm) as part of Day 4 (Collaboration) at

The Festival of Climate Action

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