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Vapid Vapers treat Manchester like a toilet

Just home from work, with a sick feeling in my stomach. I had to write this before I can even eat. I spent the last 25 years trying my best to inspire a care and commitment to the environment, globally, but with the majority of work at Manchester Museum being aimed at supporting the local community in Manchester to be more social responsibly aware.

It’s heartwarming when you witness the positive results, of which there are many, but it seems there will always be some elements of our society that just can’t be reached. Tonight the adults in the car in front of me, just a stones throw from the University (literally a couple of streets away), launched their empty McDonnalds cup from their window. They had 2 small children in the back.

And this is not a one off, as many of the streets in Manchester can bear witness to. It makes me ashamed to be a human being, I know many other animals that are much cleaner. Those (*uneducated people) that litter our planet don’t think twice, they have NO respect at all, for anything. And this is what they are teaching their children as we try hard to help them learn a different way to live.

As I looked out of my car, the number of discarded vape bottles littering the street around me was unbelievable. The recording below is just down one side and does not go half way to showing the extent of the litter down this road as an example of some of the roads near Manchester City Centre. It’s not easy to miss and seemed to get worse the further I went.

Heartbreaking and absolutely disgusting to see..

(In some ways I have to be politically correct in my wording here but I hope you understand where I am coming from).

How many Vape bottles can you spot?

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