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Salford’s 60 Second Species

You might have caught some of our new online video series 60 Second Species, that debuted earlier this year. This exciting series has been highlighting some of the fascinating species we have interacted with over the years during our field work. We are now in the process of producing some videos of our beautiful and often overlooked native flora and fauna. If you have a keen eye for wildlife and want to learn more about some of the species on our doorsteps (as well as around the world), please head over to our site to catch a new video uploaded every Wednesday!

Our first native amphibian in the series is the inimitable Common Frog (Rana temporaria). Filmed in Peel Park, Salford, whilst teaching undergraduate students from the University of Salford. This is one of my favourite frogs, and the species which really captured my imagination as a young child and led me down the path of herpetology!

60 Second Species

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