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A welcome sign of life

It’s that time of year again when Britain’s native amphibians are beginning to make an appearance in our cities, towns, gardens and countryside as the days begin to lengthen. Once the nightly temperatures warm above freezing, frogs, toads and newts begin to leave their hibernaculum’s and migrate to their local spawning sites.

The emerging amphibians and signs of their spawn is, for many people, a welcome sign of life and warmer times to come after the long and cold winter days. This year in particular, the importance of nature and wild spaces is at the forefront of our minds and perhaps, so should be how to lend nature a helping hand in return. This year there are a range of ways to make a difference to amphibians in your local area, whether it be in your own garden, town or county.

Frog and spawn : Getty images

You can help by reporting any sightings of amphibians to the record pool and spawn to freshwater habitats. Whether you find amphibians or spawn in your garden or when on a walk in your local area, reporting your sightings is an important component of monitoring amphibian populations across the UK.

As the weather warms and the amphibians begin to emerge from brumation, it is vital for them to find regular sources of food and areas to shelter if the temperature drops. Providing a range of vegetation to attract insects and wild areas of unmown grass can provide ample feeding opportunities and shady, damp spaces to rest safely.

Look out for toad road signs! These signs will be out in areas where roads cut through habitat where there are known annual amphibian migrations, which forces the amphibians to cross roads to spawn. Many amphibians are killed by cars before they have chance to spawn and produce the next generation of amphibians. Taking extra care when driving through these areas will reduce the chance of injuring the migrating amphibians and allow time to observe and appreciate the event!

PondNet Spawn Survey 2021

Report Your Sightings

Wildlife Garden – Froglife

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