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Loss of a Leader

Professor Phil Bishop @AmphibianPhil

Over the weekend we were incredibly sad to hear the news that Professor Phil Bishop had passed away. Professor Bishop, or @AmphibianPhil as he was known online, was an iconic global leader in amphibian conservation. His successes and accolades were numerous and have been reflected through the outpouring of respect and heartfelt sadness at his sudden passing. Although we worked on different continents, his dedication and passion for the field was well known to us all and his leadership through dark times for amphibians was often a source of light.

I was lucky enough to meet the great man whilst attending the Amphibian Conservation Research Symposium (ACRS) in 2019. He was a larger than life personality who lit up the event with his charismatic talks and humorous promotion of his University town Dunedin which hosted the World Congress of Herpetology in 2020. He was warm and kind in his manner and had time for everyone, from students to veterans in the field, everyone was an equal in his eyes.

All the staff and volunteers here at Manchester Museum’s Vivarium have Phil’s family and friends in our thoughts and send heart felt condolences to them all. We are sure though that his contributions to amphibian conservation will continue to inspire future generations of frog loving scientists. A legacy he certainly would be proud of, and a future which is all the brighter for amphibians thanks to him.

Professor Phil Bishop @AmphibianPhil

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