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Winter Wildlife

This year has been tough and tragic for so many, but one positive has been the chance to reconnect with our wildlife and green spaces. Besides boosting positive emotions, connecting with nature also offers physical and mental health benefits, directly reducing stress levels.

Perhaps we should think about it as an overarching beneficial loop – the greater connection we have with nature, the more we are likely to care for it, and in turn through that connection nature will help care for us. Now more than ever it’s vital to reconnect with nature for our physical, mental, and emotional health.

In winter, like much of the wildlife, it’s very easy to slip into cosy hibernation mode, but at this time of year life can be particularly hard for wildlife that’s not hibernating, or that should be. Days are short and for many creatures finding enough food to survive takes up almost every moment of daylight.

There are many things you can do to support wildlife at this time of year. Have a look at these five top tips to make your garden a haven for wildlife throughout winter. And here are some more ideas from the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

​Alternatively, why not foster a little creature yourself this winter? Many wildlife centres are crying out for people to help foster some of there injured or rehabilitating little animals, such as the great initiative set up by Preston Hedgehog Rescue. Mark and Kirsty, and their small army of volunteers at this rescue are unbelievable in their 100% dedication to saving wildlife – they deserve a medal for the countless hours of work they put in each day and the number of animals they are helping rehabilitate. It really is a wonderful wildlife rescue initiative and one I would highly recommend.

Donations, and fundraising events are great ways to support nature charities that are actively supporting wildlife through the winter, so give them a thought and help to preserve our embattled wildlife this winter.


DONATE BY PAYPAL TO SUPPORT WILDLIFE THIS WINTER: rehabilitators@prestonhedgehogsrescue.co.uk


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