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From aquarium to vivarium… a little about me

I’m Bethany and I am pleased to introduce myself as the new curatorial assistant here at the Manchester Museum Vivarium. Last year I completed my bachelor’s degree in animal welfare and behaviour at the University of Central Lancashire during which I carried out my dissertation on the activity and visibility of different species of poison dart frogs before and after introducing environmental enrichment to their habitats. During this project I watched my frog subjects for over 400 hours and subsequently learnt the individual personalities of each, so if I didn’t love frogs before, I certainly do now!

During my degree I volunteered at a number of small zoos and aquariums in the North West before becoming an aquarist at the Lakes aquarium in Cumbria where I stayed for over three years, gaining experience in caring for fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. For the last two years I have also helped out my local native amphibians as a toad patroller in the Lancashire and Cumbria areas.

My love for wildlife started young, largely through my parents who always enjoyed nature and wildlife and encouraged my own interest. Over the years I was lucky enough not only to have a variety of animals in the home but also to see many species on family holidays.

Namely, one experience that stayed with me was a trip to Costa Rica in 2005 where I was able to see first-hand the life that thrived in the rainforests, some of which species I am now able to work with at the vivarium.

Ten later years, during my own travels when backpacking in Mexico, Central America, the Philippines and South East Asia I was not only able to experience the native wildlife but also the destruction caused to many habitats and witnessed the threats facing many species which inspired me to want to make a difference.

I am excited to start my journey at the museum, to care for a host of amazing species and share my passion for animal care, wildlife and conservation and hope to share many more frog blog posts in the future!

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