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Food for thought (2)

We have known for years that it’s a spider eat spider world. Males get attracted to females, do their job well and get eaten up as par for the course. Spiders have veracious sex lives, and appetites. Spiders are cool, super intelligent, and jumping spiders more than most. But it seems these little creatures are looking for more than just a good jump. Actually, it seems things are a changing diet wise – did you know 20% of male M. sociabilis eat the females –  not sure where that latin name came from but that doesn’t seem so sociable to me.

Ctenidae (wandering spider) eating a tree frog, Ecuador (c) Andrew Gray

Spiders have a varied diet, they will eat almost anything that moves that they can tackle. Some I have seen on my travels will attack, kill, and eat prey items much larger than themselves, including large frogs. In fact in the neotropics amphibians make up a very large part of the food source of arachnids.


Cupiennius getazi (family Ctenidae) feeding on a Scinax eleaochroa, Costa Rica (c) Amanda Bamford

From tadpoles predated upon by water-surface frequenting huntsman spiders to aggressive wolf spiders and sit and wait Ctenids inside bromeliads looking for metamorphs to emerge then consume, they represent a formidable predator of our amphibian friends. But that’s life, and death, and nature. Only the trees that we stand beneath and watch the tree frogs call in and the spiders make their fine webs on will still be there after we all are gone. The trees are what we need to revere and champion for the future for they behold the lives of so many species.



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