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Covid Campaigns – the slippery slope

They walked again along the same path, a path well-travelled during dealing with the current inexorable situation, a period where their fate being out of human hands had brought many inner tensions. For some a walk was all that was needed, for others, a campaign to put the world to rights – perhaps an unrealised natural human response to the times being lived in, whilst subconsciously trying to clear some of the underlying anxiety felt by initiating positive action towards some of the things they felt they could still directly influence and change for the better. Still, the path today, was wet. As they came to think about about it, it had been wet almost every day lately. Strange. There were no streams nearby, no underground wells, no heavy downpours of rain recently, not for days. Still the path WAS wet. Not to worry they thought, tranquillo, and so they let it go.

A week later, the path was wet yet again, but the air was fine across the fields, the birds sang louder than ever, no face masks required for them. But this path wasn’t always so wet, not continually, it was now actually flowing around their shoes. or was that just their imagination.

2 weeks later on their walk, and yet again, the path was still wet through. It hadn’t rained for the past several weeks. Where is this water coming from? their mind questioned – its now flooding the whole path, soon the slope would be a steam! Perhaps its a leaking water pipe? that must be it! Maybe its best to let the local water authority know about this.. Yes, something needs to be done about it – Its clean, fresh water, so who is responsible for it being wasted?

NO, tranquillo, enjoy the walk, don’t let the things that wouldn’t normally bother you to such an extent be the vent of any frustrations, their mind reminded them.

After 4 weeks the whole path had got so slippery. AS they walked the gravel path they were now adamant – Something needs to be done about this!! Just WHO is responsible!

I am going to do something about this they said to themselves, Covid or no Covid, don’t these people know clean water is precious!!!

They were now on a mission to take to task whoever was responsible ..

Start a Petition To stop Frogs wasting water here!

Or Start a Petition To stop Change.org making extortionate profit from other peoples’ genuinely good causes 

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