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Frog Fridays

Please join us on Fridays for Manchester Museum’s new Frog Friday – to be broadcast live from our vivarium at 1pm every week!


In the meantime, here’s a quick post to highlight one of my favourite enclosures here in the Vivarium, our mix species Poison-frog exhibit. This space has evolved over the years to the format that we have today, but even if I am a little biased, I don’t believe it has ever looked quite as good! Today it houses both the Strawberry Poison frog (Oophaga pumilio) and Green and Black Poison frog (Dendrobates auratus) as well as a few aquatic surprises in the front pond.

Even though we are currently closed, the animals and exhibits are still receiving the same level of care and attention, which means keeping on top of of the pruning that keeps our plants as well as our animals in fine fettle. These plants include many species that occur within the natural range of the frog species we house within the enclosures.

The result of this attention to detail is a well balanced ecosystem which can sustain lots of healthy species!


During times such as these, it is also important for us all to focus on our own health and wellbeing. During less challenging circumstances cultural institutions such as Museums play an increasingly important role. Thankfully, many of these institutions, including our own, have stepped up their online content, providing lots of really amazing resources for everyone to enjoy. I would thoroughly recommend taking the time to explore our dedicated website: https://www.mminquarantine.com/ and our new Frog Fridays (Live)


Strawberry-dart Frog    Jewels of the Caribbean

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