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Amphibian Foundation Bridge Program

The Amphibian Foundation, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced that their the new Bridge Program for Conservation Research has now been launched. On the program their scientific experts will mentor participants in the US through lab and field projects at their globally-recognized amphibian conservation centre based in Atlanta. All research projects will contribute to the conservation of threatened and endangered amphibians and participants will gain unique skills in biological research to help address the conservation needs of several endangered species.

I have just been sent the following information to share with you: here is a  flyer to share with others who might be interested in the new program. For more information, visit their website at


What is the Bridge Program?

AF’s Bridge Program offers the opportunity for adult students to explore and conduct research focused on the conservation of imperiled amphibians in the southeast United States. This academic program is designed to help students gain career experience and scientific skills. Students are mentored by globally-recognized scientists and directly contribute to the conservation of amphibians.

Who can apply? 

All interested adults (age 18+) can apply to AF’s Bridge Program. The program is intended for:

  • high school graduates who want to explore conservation and gain skills before attending college
  • college students who want research experience during their studies
  • college graduates seeking opportunities to develop their biology and conservation training

Where is the program located? When does it start?

The Amphibian Foundation is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Students are required to be on site during the session. The summer session runs May 11 to August 21, 2020 (deadline for deposit is Saturday, April 11, 2020). The fall session starts September 8, 2020 (deadline for deposit is Saturday, August 8, 2020).

What is the curriculum?

Unique to the Bridge Program, the developed curriculum is specifically tailored for each student based on conservation interests and career goals. All curriculum includes contextualized instruction, opportunities to explore areas of specialization, and career development and transition into conservation research. Students rotate working in the captive propagation (breeding) and husbandry labs of diverse reptiles and amphibians, including threatened and endangered amphibians, and participate in

  • field work (e.g., contributing to research projects monitoring flatwoods salamanders and gopher frogs)
  • guided research (e.g., designing a project, drafting manuscripts)
  • creative expression (e.g., illustration, photography, writing)
  • education and outreach

Our program also includes certificate courses in Master Herpetologist and Venomous Reptile Handling.

For more information, visit: http://bridge.amphibianfoundation.org/


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