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Amphibian Foundation’s new Educational Program

As one of the scientific advisors of The Amphibian Foundation, based in Atlanta, Georgia, I am pleased to announce that they will soon provide an opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in herpetology to participate in a new amphibian conservation research learning program – based outside of the classroom.

Established in 2016, for many years the Amphibian Foundation has been collaborating with partners to address the amphibian extinction crisis, for example their staff have been releasing captive-reared Gopher Frogs (Lithobates capito), Georgia’s rarest frog, into protected local habitats for more than 10 years.

Now, the Amphibian Foundation is launching its new Bridge Program, and from the beginning of January 2020 their scientific experts will mentor participants in the US through lab and field projects at their globally-recognized amphibian conservation centre based in Atlanta. All research projects will contribute to the conservation of threatened and endangered amphibians and participants will gain unique skills in biological research to help address the conservation needs of several endangered species.

The program offers two learning opportunities, both based on participant availability and their specific interests: The one-semester program combines common biological research topics, including restoration conservation, urban ecology, animal husbandry, and more;

The one-year program begins with the common biological topics followed by each participant designing and implementing a personal project with mentorship. Experienced Amphibian Foundation staff will work closely with participants in both programs to help them achieve personal and academic goals that will aim to support their future career.

Similar to a “gap year,” the program is available for people before, during, or after college, and graduates will leave with an understanding of how best to harness their passion for preserving wildlife.

More information on the program


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  1. What a fabulous opportunity for learning from the masters.

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