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Do something useful..

I am at a loss. Apparently Indonesia has the fastest deforestation rate in the world. Half of Sumatra’s forests were destroyed in just 20 years.

The relentless destruction of Sumatra’s rainforests has pushed the Sumatran orangutan to the edge of extinction. With only around 14,600 remaining in the wild, the species is classified as Critically Endangered – and we have to raise funds and have publicity to let the Humans responsible know? 


The Sumatran orangutan relies on forests, but the forests of Sumatra are under immense and mounting threat. They are being torn down for farmlands, logging, mining and roads. International demand for products such as Palm oil and timber, combined with weak forest governance and short-sighted land-use policies are driving deforestation at such an alarming rate its unbelievable.

While you sit at home, or are out enjoying your daily life, the world is collapsing around you. I would suggest doing something Useful, to make a difference…   Take some ACTION I would say from the heart, …  or maybe you don’t. I am not the one, or don’t want to be the one who says what you should do. Listen to yourself and act on your own behalf..


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