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Ebay seller disgrace

Near threatened bat species available on eBay

The selling of killed vertebrate animals on Ebay continues to escalate seemingly without care – Did you know that thousands of amazing animals are being captured and killed especially to be sold in this way?

It turns out that in many places, such as in Malaysia and Indonesia, there has been an ever growing trade in capturing live rainforest bats and other animals ‘en masse’ for killing and selling online.

Literally thousands of these amazing flying mammals are being taken from their natural habitats, including National Parks, to be sold world-wide for one reason or another. Some of the ways they are treated and killed after being collected really is atrocious. The bats are not pests, but play an extremely important role in the future of rainforests: Bats are crucial to them for many reasons

Near threatened frog, killed, and on eBay

Some species being killed are selected especially to be sold internationally – framed or stapled-up in plastic bags and sold on the internet to buyers who really just don’t care how they got there. I emailed some sellers to say they should be ashamed of themselves for making money this way as they know full well that the bat species in question were being collected and killed especially. Some refer to an ‘Ethical link that doesn’t exist or is absolute rubbish’  and on one occasion I actually got a reply back saying: ‘you are right, I am sorry‘ but then they continued to list the specimens for sale. The mentality of these people, and their lack of conscience, is beyond words.

This ‘trade’, fuelled by selling wild collected animals on eBay, also reflects very badly on countries where these people are living. There are several in the US and the UK, some even listing newly killed tropical frogs which are also ‘prepared by their own entomologists‘. These sellers include the freshly killed and mounted treefrogs in picture frames, some species categorised as being Near Threatened of extinction.

Please help by contacting those responsible to voice your views and raise awareness about this vile trade to help stop wild creatures being collected and killed simply to be sold online. Please share your views on Facebook, twitter, and in any way you can:

Buy an especially killed ‘Near Threatened’ frog from an eBay seller here?

Support the capture and killing of beautiful fire bats here?

Buy an especially killed rainforest bat from this UK eBay seller?

Buy a bat, even a ‘Vulnerable’ or Near Threatened bat species, from this Canadian eBay seller which was collected alive from the wild and killed just so you could buy it on Ebay?

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