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Wellbeing in Wales


Workshop participants proudly display their creations

Last weekend I was invited to host a terrarium building workshop as part of a three day wellbeing event at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. In addition to the science of environmental conservation, I am personally interested and invested in the intrinsic side of nature and it’s effects on the health and wellbeing. Terrarium building is also at the foundation of the living displays (vivaria) you see in our collection, which have been crafted to suit the natural habitats of their occupants.


Myself and event organizer, Faye Watson

Set in the picturesque Carmarthenshire countryside, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to travel to the botanic gardens and  contribute to such an important and exciting event. Vendors and workshop leaders provided instruction and information advocating health and wellbeing through art and interaction with the natural world over the course of the weekend. My workshop focused on the satisfaction and relaxation promoted by working with plants in a hands-on, stress free environment, with hardy species suitable for every aspiring gardener to professional botanist. I’d like to thank and congratulate the event organizer, and all participating members of staff, on hosting such a successful and well-attended event.


If you’ve often come to marvel at our beautiful living displays and wish you could have something similar at home or office, then I encourage you to try a low maintenance, up-cycled container terrarium for live plants to bring a bit of nature and calm into your everyday space.

National Botanic Gardens of Wales

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