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Become an i-Naturalist – your City needs you!

Everyone’s observations of nature can contribute to biodiversity science – observations ranging from the rarest frog to the most common weed, can all contribute in more ways than you know!  When describing Sylvia’s Tree Frog last year I was able to reference a public observation in Panama that was most important – of a frog someone had simply uploaded a picture of onto i-Naturalist. It really helped support the scientific identification of the species’ range, and I bet the person who took and uploaded it didn’t know its significance or that i-Naturalist share their scientific data with repositories like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility which helps scientists find and use the data.

Its really cool how everyone can contribute can make such a difference. Here at Manchester Museum all our Natural History curators are big fans of i-Naturalist. Dmitri, our Curator of Entomology, also recently identified a new spider to science from Hong Kong, all thanks to i-Naturalist and particularly the City Nature Challenge.


Tomorrow marks the start of the new City Nature Challenge, where cities around the world will be competing to see who can make the most observations of nature, find the most species, and engage the most people in the 2019 City Nature Challenge. Its a great initiative, invented by citizen science staff at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (Lila Higgins) and California Academy of Sciences (Alison Young). The City Nature Challenge is a  bioblitz-style international competition for people to find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe.

All you have to do is become an i-naturalist and observe:

Become an i-Naturalist

City Nature Challenge

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