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PANAMA WILDLIFE EVENING  – THURSDAY 18 APRIL, 2019 – A amazing night of Panamanian frogs and festivities not to be missed!

Manchester Museum welcomes Critically Endangered Harlequin Frogs, Atelopus varius, to its collection and is the only institution in the world to house these striking animals outside Panama. These are the true form, and not a sub-species. We would like to mark the launch of the Harlequin Frog Project with a celebration of Panamanian culture and wildlife. The project is a unique collaboration with the Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity (PWCC) and the Ministry of the Environment in Panama. Come and enjoy the taste of Panamanian drink with latin music, see the wealth of rare frogs from behind the scenes, and find out more about the impact our research, environmental education, and conservation work is making in Latin America.



3 Responses

  1. Hi Andy, you won’t remember me but you were kind enough to allow me to include your first year class in my final year teaching project (medicinal plants) WAY back in 2014. This sounds fascinating! Is it really a free event, and is it open to the public? I would love to bring my family along and perhaps say a quick hello.
    All best,

    • Hi Kay, really good to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. Yes, this is a totally free entry event that will be an amazing evening. we have the following lined up so far:

      Presentation about wildlife conservation by Luis Urena (Director of Panama Wildlife Charity (PWCC) and myself.

      Speeches by His Excellency Daniel Fabrega, The Ambassador of Panama, Esme Ward, Director of Manchester Museum, and Professor James Thompson, the Vice-President for Social Responsibility, University of Manchester.

      New ‘Sponsor a Frog’ Launched – Harlequin frog public sponsorship available: https://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/about/supportus/sponsorafrog/

      CROAK will be previewed – Sneak preview of a new frog-related Central American wildlife app thats been made especially for us by Advisory Ltd: https://croac.app

      Exclusive merchandise for sale: Harlequin frog posters, postcards, etc with mugs available to purchase that have a personalised Harlequin design painted especially for us by famous american artist Tim Jeff: http://timjeffsart.blogspot.com/p/all-of-these-drawings-are-available-for.html

      Latino Music – 3 piece Live Latino Band featuring Adrian Garcia – a bilingual singer/performer, a very energetic and charismatic performer who surely will win over the crowd. Born in Mexico but now living in London he has plenty of experience in live performing. He has played in many of the coolest venues in London (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=77&v=0zJXPtk3gK8).

      3 tables with Live animals from our Vivarium – staff, students, volunteers presenting our rarest specimens from the Neotropics which are normally kept behind the scenes will be on view so visitors can see up close and personal (These will include an opportunity for people to see our newly acquired Harlequin Frogs, the only specimens out of Panama).

      Panamanian Insects from our Entomology collection – Dmitri and Phil presenting specimens and talking from personal experience of fieldwork in Central America.

      Panamanian Specimens from our Zoology collection – alongside our Kate Sherburn recounting her experiences in the rainforests of Panama.

      Central American objects from our Living Cultures Collections – Stephen Welsh will be presenting and discussing some superb related objects from our fine collection with our visitors.

      Panamanian plant specimens from our Botany collection – fantastic opportunities to discuss the flora of Central America and see specimens we have in our wonderful Botany collection.

      Incredible Panamanian Cocktails – Latin drinks made from Panamas finest Rum by professionals from the London company Hi Spirits (https://www.hi-spirits.com/company-news/cocktail-culture-in-the-spotlight-as-hi-spirits-celebrates-london-cocktail-week/

      Harlequin Frog Origami – learn how to make this colourful critically endangered species with Noami Kashiwagi.

      9 large portrait photos highlighting the various Panamanian indigenous peoples – presented personally by the Royal Photographer, Hugo Burnand: https://www.fixationuk.com/profiles-hugo-burnand/

      Frog Conservation films – a selection of Manchester Museum/UOM related amphibian conservation project videos being played on a large screen for all visitors to enjoy watching (these will include superb films made by Shortform: https://www.shortform.co.uk).

      Look forward to seeing you there!

  2. Thanks to all the team at Manchester Museum (MM) for the fabulous Panama evening! From entering this free event at the museum, staff were welcoming and enthusiastic. The programme was interesting from start to finish and access to the vivarium and the close proximity allowed with the critically endangered frogs was a privilege.
    I would highly recommend a visit to MM’s vivarium and especially the behind the scenes visit which my grandson and I particularly enjoyed as current frog sponsors. A fantastic and worthwhile programme that needs our continued support.

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