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Iracambi internships

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting with Binka La Breton, Director of Iracambi, an inspiring lady with a great passion for rainforest conservation. She visited us here at Manchester and gave a great talk to our students about the work being conducted at Iracambi and how they may get involved.

Iracambi is a community of people around the world whose vision is to see the beautiful Brazilian Atlantic Forest restored, with prosperous communities living in a flourishing landscape. At their headquarters in Minas Gerais, the Iracambi Research Center spearheads their work in managing natural resources, educating for sustainability, and researching ecosystems and how we impact them.

IracambiLogo_EN_Ver_ReverseThe Iracambi logo explains what they are about. The indigenous story tells that the forest is on fire, and all the animals are fleeing to safety. All except the humming bird. She is flying towards the fire with a drop of water in her beak. “Silly little bird,” shouts the eagle, looking down at her. “Don’t you see that you’ll never put out the fire all by yourself?”

You’re right,” says the humming bird. “I’ll  never put it out all by myself. But I’m doing my part.

At Iracambi they’ve been doing their part since 1999, and offer an opportunity for all those interested to be a part of the change.




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