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Viennese Vivaria and Zamość Zoo

Vienna (5)Having returned safely from my week in Vienna I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on all I have learned from the  unique collection housed in the Schonbrunn Zoo Rainforest House.

I’d like to thank again the wonderful Rainforest house team for welcoming me to their place of work and I very much look forward to developing collaborations regarding Bornean species in the future. As they say in German, tausend dank!


My opportunities to experience continental zoological collections did not end with my flight leaving Vienna however. I quickly found myself in the beautiful medieval city and UNESCO world heritage site Zamość, in Poland, in the newly renovated Zamość Zoo. Deputy Director Łukasz Sułowski kindly offered me a special tour of their facilities, including the recently renovated and meticulously crafted Reptile House explaining how the interior was created by the staff by hand to achieve the spectacular rainforest effect which welcomed visitors imaginations to a tropical realm.

I was later also captivated by the Butterfly House, which contains a pool where visitors could catch a glimpse of a critically endangered Kaiser’s Spotted Newt (Neurergus kaiseri). Guests are often delighted with the sight of eggs and juvenile Spotted Newt as the ideal conditions in the gallery allows this species to breed freely on display. If you’re unable to make the journey out to Zamość in person, check out the amazing virtual tour of the Reptile House and Butterfly House in the links below!


Photo by Łukasz Sułowski©


It’s always a pleasure to meet more dedicated environmental conservationists and husbandry colleagues at inspiring institutions like Vienna Tiergarten and Zamość Zoo. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank again Director Gregorz Garbuz, Deputy Director Łukasz Sułowski and the keepers at Zamość Zoo for accommodating my visit, and I look forward to visiting again. And as they say in Poland, do zobaczenia!



Photo by Łukasz Sułowski©

Reptile House Tour      Butterfly House Tour      

Zoo Zamosc



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