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To Inspire

As half the Museum is officially closed due to our exciting new development, and many of our teaching areas are now under wraps (so not just the mummies:), we thought it would be cool to liberate some of our vivarium animals and for once take them a little further afield..

To my home town in Chorley, in mid Lancashire! And so we did.

INSPIRE Chorley is an Onside Youth Zone that came about through the success of Bolton Lads and Girls Club. It’s an amazing place run by amazing people, with support for the youth of the community at its core. Its an incredible place and that is personally very close to my heart. As with the creation of several other Onside Youth Zones within towns across the North West, this inspiring and affordable place for young people to go to in their leisure time makes a real difference.

It offers young people real opportunities to gain, increase and develop their skills, knowledge, self awareness, confidence, and most importantly respect for themselves and others.

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Inspire at Chorley has a wide range of programmes aimed at different age groups and last week they offered a special holiday club for all those off school in the area. It was great fun for all and we were very proud to be there in support of the great work being done at INSPIRE. A huge thanks to Kasia and all involved for their support!

INSPIRE Youth Zone Chorley