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In Memory

It was with shock and great sadness that I learn’t a friend of mine passed away last week. He was buried yesterday. Ged Casserley was a very special person, very well liked by all who came into contact with him and someone I had the privilege to know.

His great interest in nature, his imagination, humour, and passion for achieving whatever he undertook resonated. I will remember Ged for the great excitement and interest he had for unusual creatures – from giant spiders to frogs with metallic eyes, from within caves in Barbados to faeries in his home studio. He would send me random emails with photographs of just amazing animals with such excitement it was impossible not to smile when I got the message in my inbox that said ‘Greetings from Saddleworth!’, and then be in awe when looking at what Ged had sent – usually with a message written in excitement for what he was sharing and also with such complimentary kind words in recognition of my work at the time.

I first met Ged not long after I first started at Manchester Museum and we instantly became friends. His enthusiasm was truly infectious. Ged was a great traditional artist, digital artist, musician, and herpetologist. He produced all the fabulous backgrounds to our public exhibits and the personal animals he provided to us include the beautiful green tree python we now have on public display.

Ged had a special place in his heart for Manchester Museum’s Vivarium. His positiveness, great encouragement and praise for all we are trying to achieve in the Vivarium has helped me greatly at times. He used to make me smile widely and I just loved his passion for the all things he was interested in. Ged was a gentleman, and a gentle man. He would graciously tip his head when saying ‘Bye bye now’, and sign off with ‘Til later..

Ged will be missed by all who knew him, for his kind unassuming manner, his great sense of humour, his unbounded enthusiasm for animals, art, and fantasy, and for just being him.

Til later Ged


Saatchi Art

Connery in Saddleworth

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