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Flagged-Down in Vienna

Staurois latopalmatus

Staurois latopalmatus (c) George Madani

You don’t need to be a world-class gymnast, dancer or yogi to successfully articulate your intentions with your feet, you just need to be a species of foot-flagging frog!

This past weekend I was extremely fortunate to reconnect with my Bornean research roots and arrange a meeting with Dr. Doris Preininger, Scientific Associate at the astoundingly beautiful Schonbrunn Tiergarten Zoo.

I was taken into the Bornean gallery, which gave the very successful illusion that I had stepped out of the warm Viennese sun directly into the hothouse jungle.  Here, Dr. Preininger introduced me to her Bornean foot-flagging cohort, Staurois parvus and S. gutatta. I was thrilled to see the success Dr. Preininger has had with her foot-flagging frog breeding program, and the resulting tiny froglets symbolizing this success! These frogs communicate with one other over the roar of noisy streams and waterfalls found in their natural habitats using hind foot gestures, or flagging. Species of foot-flagging frogs are where Dr. Preininger has focused her work, and it was a pleasure to see the incredible gallery, and exhibits displaying all manner of native Bornean wildlife as well as these remarkable frog species.


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Unfortunately due to my excitement and the steamy conditions of the artificial jungle, I was unable to take any clear photos of the frogs themselves, so for these don’t hesitate to visit the links below to satisfy your curiosity!

Foot-Flagging Frogs      Frogs & Friends at Schonbrunn      Frogs of Borneo

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