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Filming some Splendid Frogs

Hello frog blog readers! My name is Katie and I’m a filmmaker. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of filming at the Manchester vivarium.


The newly described Sylvia’s Leaf Frog (Cruziohyla sylviae) ©Katie Garrett

I’ve always loved reptiles and amphibians and I’ve been working with Andrew to document his recent discoveries in the Cruziohyla genus, and the naming of Sylvia’s Leaf Frog as a new species.  I’ve worked a lot in Latin America and the leaf frogs have always caught my attention. In my opinion, Manchester holds many of the worlds most stunning frog species so it was an honour to be able to get up close and spend some time with them.

I’d like to share some pictures and a little teaser video, with some footage of the incredible frogs I was able to encounter.

Sequence 01.00_02_09_07.Still001

Lemur Leaf Frog (Agalychnis lemur) ©Katie Garrett


Yellow-eyed Leaf Frog (Agalychnis annae) ©Katie Garrett


Painted Tree Frog (Boana picturata) ©Katie Garrett

The video will focus on Andrew’s long journey of discovery, and the historic mix-up that has occurred within the genus Cruziohyla. We want to highlight the importance of museum collections and how they can help us to better understand and protect the living world around us. Here are a few clips – stay tuned for the full documentary!

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