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Mysterious markings

(A) C. sylviae (B) C. calcarifer (C) C. craspedopus

Sometimes the distinction between similar species can be quite minimal, with only the identification of tiny features separating them. However, as well as having an equal genetic difference separating all three Cruziohyla species, their individual visual characteristics are readily identifiable.

Unusual ventral markings found on the true Splendid Leaf Frog, C. calcarifer (c) A. Gray

A key morphological feature that has been described for the first time as part of the review of the genus Cruziohyla and the presentation of the new species has been the identification of unusual ventral markings only seen on the true Cruziohyla calcarifer.

Many other characters separate the three different species in this group of frogs, including their skin patterns, eardrum sizes, hands and feet, and of course their call. The unusual dark markings found on the undersides of the true splendid leaf frogs,  C. calcarifer, are a very unusual feature to be found on any frog. Further investigation is currently underway to try and determine their function.


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