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New lizards on display

Many of our visitors will know that the primary focus of the Vivarium collection supports our work with rare and endangered Central and South American frog species. However we also have a number of unusual reptile species on exhibit from other key areas of the world.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 19.31.30

Indian Grass Lizard, Takydromus sexlineatus

Recent visitors to the Vivarium may have noticed an exciting change in our gallery, with the unveiling of our new Indian Grass Lizard (Takydromus sexlineatus) exhibit. These lizards, which are native to areas across South Asia have slightly prehensile tails which can grow up to three times the size of their body length.


New Tea plantation and Indian grass lizard exhibit at Manchester Museum

They were first described from Assam in India and naturally occur in agricultural areas, tea plantations and surrounding grasslands  We acquired our group from Chester Zoo especially in support of an exciting new upcoming gallery we are having at the museum, and our new exhibit, which replicates a corner of an Assam tea plantation, is home from home for them. It features as our newest link to the upcoming South Asia Gallery, our stunning new development which will open in Manchester Museum in 2021.

Young Cone-headed Lizard, Takydromus sexlineatus, hatching behind the scenes at Manchester Museum (C) Katherine Majewski

This past spring a number of Vivarium visitors were also lucky enough to witness one of our other lizard species, our Cone-headed Lizards (Laemanctus longipes), laying eggs within our large Amazonian exhibit. They were amazed at the sight. The eggs were taken out by us and incubated behind the scenes for safe keeping and this month we were thrilled to welcome a group of young cone-headed lizards into the world, and into our vivarium collection.


Find out more about Manchester Museum’s exciting new South Asia Gallery

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