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Introducing Mossy Frogs!

Hi, my name is Daryl,

For my first blog post on the frogblog I thought it would be a great idea to outline the basic history of the genus Theloderma (Mossy Frogs). I am particularly interested in this incredible group of frogs and would like to share my knowledge about them with you. I will be to happy follow up this post with greater details of my husbandry experience with them over the coming weeks.

Theloderma corticale

The History of Theloderma

Until roughly only 15 years ago the genus Theloderma was non existent within Europe. They were rarely imported and only available to recognised zoological institutes and experienced amphibian keepers. Little was really known or understood about them, and knowledge of their husbandry needs was seriously lacking.

Theloderma palliatum

Very few enthusiasts and field researchers had actually come across any species from the genus in the wild. This meant there was very little information about the habitat that they live in, let alone breeding habits. Several years later the Vietnamese Mossy frog (Theloderma corticale) was bred in captivity for the first time. This was a great breakthrough, shedding light on basic husbandry needs, habitat features and breeding requirements. Soon after this followed the successful breeding of the Pied Warty frog (Theloderma asperum), Tonkin Bug-eyed frog (Theloderma stellatum) and the Chapa Bug-eyed frog (Theloderma bicolor).


Theloderma species

Mossy frog metamorph (T.corticale)

Mossy frogs in general are a very secretive frog and so are still being discovered as we speak. This obviously means that the number of species within the genus is unknown.

Thanks to success with the genus in captivity, Vietnamese Mossy frogs in particular have become readily available in the hobby and bred in large numbers over the past few years. Within the last couple of years several more species have been successfully bred and so are now also available within Europe in very small numbers.

This success is solely thanks to a dedicated team of Theloderma enthusiasts in Russia and throughout Europe. The species now being bred in captivity include Theloderma; ryabovi, lichin, gordoni, vietnamese, pictum and palliatum. To read more about how to keep mossy frogs please see the article below my photos.



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