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Local Lancasterians

Over the past few days we’ve been busy delivering a wide variety of animal-related sessions, both in and out of the Museum. On Sunday, it was my pleasure to support the jointly organised herpetological conference at Drayton Manor, which focused on working collaboratively to develop advanced herpetological husbandry.  It was a great conference and so good to meet up with colleagues of the past and many new faces, all so passionate about the subject. I hope they all enjoyed the presentation (post below).

On Monday I also delivered a very heartwarming session in the Vivarium for children from a local school The Lancasterian, where young people with a range of impairments experienced our live collection. These sessions we deliver at no cost and conduct on a one to one basis taking into account the individual requirements of each child. We had signers and teachers from Lancasterian there to support the session, who all do amazing work in meeting the needs of the pupils – It was very special indeed to meet all the pupils and staff, and deliver this programme.

Yesterday Matt also contributed to another ‘Talk English’ session for a group of english language learners from the local community, which went down very well, and we also supported Lucy Burscough to deliver a rainforest themed workshop for local people living with dementia. A thoroughly fulfilling start to the week, and a big thanks for the support of all involved!


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