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New Year New Frogs


Lemur leaf frog helping with our record keeping (Agalychnis lemur) ©Matthew O’Donnell

Nothing quite brings in the new year like a group of newly metamorphosed baby Lemur leaf frogs (Agalychnis lemur)! These tiny froglets represent a new bloodline for the program studbook, which helps us manage the ever growing ex-situ population of this critically endangered species.

These fantastic little frogs were spawned last year and spent the next few months as tadpoles, on display in the Vivarium. They began to sprout legs and emerge from the water in November and have been growing rapidly on a varied diet of fruit flies and crickets, supplemented with extra vitamins and minerals.


Once these hungry little frogs get big enough they will be distributed between our partner organisations in Project Lemur Frog, Bristol Zoo and Nordens Ark. I have been lucky enough to visit the specialist facilities at both of these institutions and know just how well they will be looked after. Further securing the future for this fascinating frog.


A group of young Lemur leaf frogs (Agalychnis lemur) resting under a leaf ©Matthew O’Donnell

Every new frog born here at Manchester Museum is very special, and Lemur leaf frogs are no exception! I’m sure 2018 will be another great year for frog conservation here in the Vivarium, we will be sure to keep you up to date with all the exciting work we are involved in.

Project Report                      Frogs for the Ark

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