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From Snowy Blizzards to Frogs and Lizards: A Canadian at the Vivarium

My name is Katherine and I have the great pleasure of introducing myself as the new Curatorial Assistant at the Manchester Museum Vivarium. I recently completed my Masters of Research in Biosciences at Cardiff University where I studied the prey diversity associated with the diet of the Asian water monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Malaysian Borneo.

My dissertation gave me the unique opportunity to study wildlife in the tropics, however my previous herpetological experience, and indeed my roots, come from a very different landscape.

Home for me is a small city in central Canada (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), where I completed my undergraduate studies in Environmental Biology. I went on to research reptiles and amphibians on the prairies with the Canadian Wildlife Services before moving to Vancouver, where I held the position of Aquarium Biologist Generalist at the Vancouver Aquarium. In addition to field work and husbandry experience, I’ve also had the good fortune of building upon my passion for education and public engagement, both through the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation ecology camps, and Vancouver’s Science World.

I very much look forward to both working with the host of incredible animals within the Vivarium collection, and the chance to engage with students who visit the museum, and share my enthusiasm for the conservation of the wealth of diversity on our planet. Thank you Manchester for the warm welcome!

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