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A Picture of Success


Adult Male Hypsiboas picturatus © Matthew O’Donnell

One of our latest additions to the collection here in the Vivarium at Manchester Museum is a fascinating species of tree frog from South America, Hypsiboas picturatus. Commonly known as the Pictured or Imbabura tree frog, it occurs in the humid tropical rainforest of the pacific lowlands of Columbia and Ecuador.

Very little is known about this species, including its breeding habits, which brings the excitement of a new challenge. Over the last few months we have been conditioning our adult group in order to attempt to breed them, as preparation is key to all of our breeding successes.


Rainforest stream setup at Manchester Museum  © Matthew O’Donnell

Once we were happy that the frogs were in excellent shape we introduced them to our large stream vivarium which we had adjusted especially for them. In this setup we were able to replicate the conditions of a steamy rainforest in northern Ecuador, in the midst of the rainy season (the time when a lot of frogs breed).


One of our adult female Hypsiboas picturatus exhibiting stunning pattern and colours © Matthew O’Donnell

After a few fine adjustments and a few anxious days we finally got some spawn! The tadpoles have now hatched and are growing well on a broad diet of algae and insect protein. We will be monitoring their development closely and will hope to publish our findings to further develop current scientific knowledge of this stunning species.


Hypsiboas picturatus tadpole at the Vivarium, Manchester Museum © Matthew O’Donnell

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  1. Congratulations for your efforts !! Stunning frogs !!!

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