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Budding Bioliterates

Currently I am in Central America supporting the University of Manchester’s undergraduate field course in Costa Rica, which offers many of our zoology and biology students their first taste of being in a tropical rainforest. Although many of our students will have had an interest in nature from a very early age, I am sure that over the next few weeks they will all experience some highly individual special moments within this wonderfully biodiverse environment we find ourselves in.

(c) Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity

As with all our environmental education related programmes, and particularly those developed with Manchester Museum, it is fully recognised that the only way to really make a difference in supporting the future conservation of the natural world is to stimulate young people’s interest in it as early and as often as possible. One of our new programmes being developed in Panama is a fine example, and thanks to the support of Professor Amanda Bamford and the Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity’s collaboration with us the conservation-related work in Central America now expands.

PWCC    Print Booklet (English)   Print Booklet (Espanol)   La Selva (OTS)

2 Responses

  1. Hi, when I click to view the Activity Booklets I get a message ‘blocked plug-in’ … what application do I need to read them? Thanks. Helen

  2. Hi Helen, thanks for your message. So sorry to hear this but the links are to download a PDF from our University site and are usually dowloadable for all. Could I suggest looking into your computer settings as I am afraid I cannot advise further from here. All best wishes, Andrew

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