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With you

At the moment I am on holiday in Italy, and horrified by the news of what has happened back in Manchester. To know of this inhuman cowardly act on innocent young people is absolutely gut wrenching and my heart goes out to all involved.

Today I hiked in the Italian Alps and although the scenery was breathtaking my thoughts were only with all those in Manchester. I think it will take quite some time for all to recover from this terrible act, but the people of Manchester are great people and will stand together to do what is necessary to support each other and not let terrorism win.

Tonight I cannot attend the vigil at Manchester Town Hall, stand with my fine colleagues, friends, and fellow Mancunians, or lay flowers on the steps, but I am there in spirit, and I dedicate these pictures of the alpine flowers I photographed today by way of me echoing my sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy for all affected back home.


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